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Cincy Ready Mix Concrete Delivery

Cincinnati, OH

Ready Mix

An aerial view of an industrial concrete batching plant with blue concrete mixer trucks, aggregate piles, and construction machinery, near a port with cranes and cargo containers in the background.

Advantages of ready mix concrete, Cincinnati, OH

Ready-mix concrete makes it easier for the builder, engineer, architect, master builder or end customer to manage their different variables such as: execution times, labor costs, casting times, resistance guarantee according to the requested age, and follow-up on compliance with resistance by specimens. 

Furthermore, ready-mix concrete has the advantage of being able to be transported to different distances while maintaining the specifications you need to meet on site – temperature, workability, setting times, early strength, and any other client requirement.  

Another advantage is the use of pumping equipment to facilitate placement at different heights, long distances from access to the final placement point, different depths for deep foundations or elements used for erosion control in cuts and slopes. Ready-mix concrete delivery is a versatile product that can adapt to current construction requirements, offering advantages such as those described above, in addition to giving long life to the works where this material is to be used. 

3000 psi and up pumping hose

We at Cincy Ready Mix and Concrete Delivery use the CPS-3000 cement pumping hose. A powerful unit that can pump over 20 barrels per minute at pressures up to 18,000 psi. The two process control units can handle and control automated cement mixing, foam, liquid additives, and even monitor solids fraction. 

Safety always comes first

The safety of our employees, customers, and the community in general is our number one priority. Thus, we feel personally responsible for our workers and hold each other accountable for adhering to all safety procedures and behaviors set in place by our organization. 

Delivery and excellence in customer service

Our costumers have high expectations, and so do we, so we’ll never settle for less than you deserve. Furthermore, we’re constantly looking for improvement and customer feedback along with your constructive criticism is valuable to us. Let us find solutions to your challenges and build a strong, long term relationship with you. Tell us what we’re missing and we’ll try to find it for you.