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Cincy Ready Mix Concrete Delivery

Cincinnati, OH


Row of silver concrete mixer trucks parked on concrete pavement with a lush green grassy field in the foreground and a clear blue sky above.

About us

We are experts at delivering concrete in the Cincinatti, Ohio area and highly committed to our customers. It’s our knowledge and prompt attention that sets Cincy Ready Mix and Concrete Delivery apart from our competitors. In fact, our friendly staff will go beyond their duties to help you accomplish your projects.  

Our plants are equipped with the latest in ready-mix concrete technology and we can ensure consistent and reliable high-quality for any of your construction needs. Our customer base includes anything from general contractors to homeowners and one of our top priorities is to establish long-term business relationships with our customers. Rest assured we’ll strive to provide a high quality product and excellent customer service. 

Why choose us?

We at Cincy Ready Mix and Concrete Delivery use the CPS-3000 cement pumping hose. A powerful unit that can pump over 20 barrels per minute at pressures up to 18,000 psi. The two process control units can handle and control automated cement mixing, foam, liquid additives, and even monitor solids fraction. 

Where do we get our ready mix

Most concrete in the USA comes from suppliers listed in ThomasNet.com and ConcreteConstruction.net  

On-time delivery

Because ready-mix concrete is a perishable product, your workers must be ready when the mixer arrives at your site. Proper planning is key to a flawless delivery on site but also for avoiding delays. The necessary personnel along with the right equipment must be there on time.  

Concrete that’s been kept in agitation inside the pot within the first 30 minutes after mixing poses no risk of early hardening. In general, you have about an hour and a half to empty, compact, and finish after that.  


You’d need a short load if you’re working on a sidewalk or a retaining wall. Furthermore,  

You can order loads of concrete in ¼ yard increments only and most short load deliveries contain anywhere from 1 to 5 cubic yards. You could have six to nine cubic yards of concrete delivered, but it isn’t nearly as cost-effective. There’s no minimum order quantity but we suggest a minimum of one yard.  

Concrete buggy services

A concrete buggy is a piece of equipment used in a construction site to help transport materials like concrete, soil, gravel, etc. Not only can this kind of multipurpose vehicle haul concrete to your pour site but also transport materials and tools where they need to be so it reduces strain on your operators. In short, you’ll need one of these units if you need to move a substantial amount of material around your job site.