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Cincy Ready Mix Concrete Delivery

Cincinnati, OH

Concrete Delivery

A construction worker in a blue shirt and work boots is pouring wet concrete from a metal chute at a construction site.

Quality concrete delivery in Cincinnati, OH

Cincy Ready Mix and Concrete Delivery manufactures concrete but also tailors solutions according to our deep understanding and expertise in concrete technology and ready-mix delivery. Drawing on our many years of experience, worldwide knowledge base, and cutting-edge expertise regarding the different constituent elements of concrete and their interaction, we can offer many personalized ready-mix concrete orders to our customers. 

Our concrete experts know how to alter the properties of this building material by applying the latest in chemical mixtures in combination with just the right proportions of concrete ingredients. They can make it stronger and more fluid although it depends on the application and site requirements. Another thing they can do is mix it so that it hardens faster, all without losing workability time. 

On-time delivery

You must keep in mind that ready-mix concrete is a perishable product. Thus, be sure to schedule your workers at the time of delivery; they should be ready when the mixer arrives at your site. As you may already know, adequate planning is the key to a perfect delivery on site but so is avoiding any delays on site. Again, make sure the necessary personnel and the right equipment for the logistics to run in the correct order are there on time.  

Generally, there is no risk of early hardening as long as the concrete has been kept in agitation inside the pot within the first 30 minutes after the mixing. You’ll have an hour and a half to empty, compact, and finish after that. You can always request a short-load delivery, there’s no minimum. 

Scheduling a ready-mix delivery

Schedule your delivery in advance according to a timetable and provide the exact address of the job site as well as its nature along with an estimated delivery time. The concrete should be fully discharged no more than 90 minutes after the initial introduction of the mixing water. Give notice of any changes in the schedule or any alterations in timing and logistics in advance.  

Ready mix delivery service region

The mixing pot is difficult to maneuver on dirt roads, residential areas, and small streets. Make sure your site has adequate access and request a rough-terrain truck if it doesn’t.  

Types of construction we provide concrete for

Our concrete is specifically manufactured and mixed for the construction industry. Do you need concrete for a new multi-level building? Are you rebuilding a sidewalk in your office? We can provide ready-mix concrete delivery in Cincinnati, OH to help you with anything from foundations or slabs, emergency roads, sidewalks, interior or exterior slabs at grade, curbs, patios, steps, pathways, car parks, retaining walls, concrete repair, and more. 

We can also help homeowners determine the amount of ready-mix concrete they need for their project.  

Concrete buggy

This is a multipurpose vehicle that can haul concrete to your pour site and can also transport materials and tools where they need to be so it reduces strain on your operators. Ask for our rentals.